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Front Wheel Deflectors, 2014-2017 Satin Black without Spats

Part# : 655445
Brand :ACS Composite
Years Applicable :
C7 2014 - 2017
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Direct From Factory
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Front Wheel Deflectors, 2014-2017 Satin Black without Spats

Our latest Stingray Performance component is the ACS-C7 Front Wheel Deflector kit. Developed to work in conjunction with our ACS-C7 Splitter. A functional detail to set your Corvette apart, proven on the race track; front wheel deflectors are for the track oriented drivers who desires an optimal aerodynamic package. 

Front Deflectors are designed to push airflow around the rotating wheels more efficiently, reducing lift and drag. ACS-C7 Front Deflectors are installed with the supplied mounting hardware at the OEM wheel liner mounting points located inside the front fascia.

Installs in under 15 minutes. 

Defining Wheel Deflectors with Spats and without Spats.

Wheel deflectors attach to the leading edge (forward side) of the front wheel opening of your Corvette. At the lower attaching point, where the wheel deflector meets the spoiler or splitter:

Wheel Deflectors with Spats have a "L" shaped end that supports and braces the underside and the end of your spoiler or splitter.

Wheel Deflectors without Spats function the same, but the lower end does not fit under the spoiler or splitter and butts "against the spoiler or splitter".