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Deluxe Storage Protection Kit

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This item cannot be shipped via Air Freight*
Part #: 105-041
Availability: In Stock
Applicable Years:
  • Bay Window Bus 1968-1979
  • Karmann Ghia 1956-1974
  • Lifestyle
  • Split Window Bus 1950-1967
  • Standard Beetle 1946-1977
  • Super Beetle 1971-1979
  • Thing 1973-1974
  • Type 3 Fastback 1965-1973
  • Type 3 Notchback Sedan 1962-1973
  • Type 3 Squareback Wagon 1965-1973
  • Vanagon 1980-1992
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Deluxe Storage Protection Kit

Putting your Volkswagen into storage for the winter is always the hardest part of the year! But at least this storage protection kit will put your mind at ease! This kit contains everything from a battery charger, to fuel additives, to moisture protection kits, and more.

Putting your pride and joy away for the winter will be easier knowing it will be taken care of properly. This kit bundles together all of our top selling storage protection items at an affordable price that will save you money!

*Shipping Regulated Materials

Due to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety restrictions, items that contain regulated or hazardous materials cannot be shipped by air (Priority or Express). They typically fall into one of two categories:

  • Aerosol products in pressurized spray cans
  • Products that contain flammable, volatile or corrosive chemicals

This Product is made up as a Kit and contains various parts from our inventory

The list below shows you what components are included in this kit as identified by a Mid America Motorworks part number, not necessarily by the item count. As an example, if your kit includes 2 sway bar links, which we sell as a pair, the content list will show 1 item. This means you are receiving 1 pair of sway bar links. Rest assured that when you purchase this Kit, you will receive the correct item count for all the components needed to complete your Corvette project.

In KitSKUDescriptionAdd ExtraPriceIn Stock
1100512Fuel Fresh
$10.99IN STOCK
1100516Battery Disconnect Dial, Top Post with Bypass Circuitry
$19.99IN STOCK
1100537Redline Fuel System Cleaner (15 oz.)
$12.99IN STOCK
1100554Silicone Grease Weatherstrip Preservative, 5.3 oz
$10.99IN STOCK
1100716Battery Tray Protector
1100840Interior Moisture Protection Sta-Dri Kit
$29.99IN STOCK
1105030Floor Protector Carpet Absorber Mat
$14.99IN STOCK
1118170Battery Charger, 12 Volt
$44.99IN STOCK